If you are serious businessman, you should already know what is Customer Relationship Management – CRM. Customer Relationship Management is a way to keep our customers in thinking that they are special and that we are taking care about their problems.

What is the chief problem? When customer contacts us we have to make an impression that we have been thinking on his/her problems all the time and not only when they are present. That give us good reception and our customers are more satisfied with our performance.

The best implementation practices are to use it in everyday basis and to enter data in every contact with a customer, in every job done or request from customer and in the end whenever we think something about customer. It has to be used both by top management and reception desk. You do not need to use something too complicated. You do not even have to use computerized version, but you have to be aware that doing business without CRM can destroy your rating and finally leads us to a disaster. Customers do not like when they have to repeat things to us and that leaves an impression that we are bad and not-caring business. Perhaps you can think that it is only a first impression and that they will see your valuable product, but thatΓÇÖs not the case. Do not forget that customers donΓÇÖt know much of our work, because if they do our services wouldnΓÇÖt be needed.

I have received many questions about CRM. There are businesses that want to start using CRM and were asking me where to start. After few questions, I see that they have organized something. One client told me that he creates notes on every customer in his archive. Data including birthday, marriage status, attitude, potential relationship problems, etc. If that isnΓÇÖt CRM, what is? He needed only to have that data properly organized and available to all firm personnel.

Finally, if you have customers, you have to have some level of CRM. It is best practice when a customer arrives and after hello you ask him/her: ΓÇ£How is your leg?ΓÇ¥. Of course, that can happen only if you have done homework writing specific data after last session. Person will have a feeling that we care about him, and will transfer that positive attitude to all his friends. In my experience, that sort of relationship does not make you only better person, but it makes you money, and if it is not main objective doing a business, what is?

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