One friend gave me an idea to investigate opportunities for EU doctors and other professionals in the Caribbean region. In this post I will share few informations I found initially and that could be interesting for you.

There is something unknown for many Europeans and that is the fact that EU has many overseas territories abroad considered parts of some member-states and ipso facto parts of European Union. That means if you are a citizen of EU member state you can settle in any described territory and be treated like local inhabitant. All diplomas and licenses recognized in EU states is recognized here too.

Many Europeans think that if we talk about Caribbean we are talking about very poor regions with low income and great social problems. In some of them it is a case, but some of them will really surprise you. The great examples are Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Martin/Sint Maarten.

Martinique is small island with near 400k of inhabitants and GDP per capita 19600Γé¼. They are considered as a part of Republique Francaise and therefore they accept all EU treaties and legal documents. Guadeloupe is other French territory with 403k of inhabitants and GDP per capita 19200Γé¼. Saint Martin is sharing an island with Sint Maarten. First one is French and second Dutch territory and therefore whole island is inside EU. It has only 80k inhabitants. For correlation, Croatia has 13200Γé¼ of GDP per capita and 4230k inhabitants and Germany 29200Γé¼ of GDP per capita and 80500k of inhabitants.

Apart from already mentioned, there are other small countries especially under the Crown of Queen Elisabeth of England, but nearly all of them have much lower financial attractiveness. One of them, Cayman Islands is an exception and has 56k of inhabitants but GDP per capita is 34000Γé¼ which is really high. You can start easily by searching Wikipedia. Main article can be found HERE.

All these small countries are situated not far from USA and have very intense economy linkage with both EU and USA. There you can invest or you can open dental clinic and provide much cheaper service for Americans and easily combine it with weekend tourism. Furthermore, you can produce something and create import/export network in the region that can became very lucrative business.

In days of high unemployment in some EU countries many young professionals are considering to try their luck in more perspective parts of EU. In that consideration do not forget these overseas territories considered as a parts of EU where you can settle without problems with work permits. Do not forget that there you will find the most beautiful tropical beaches and untouched beauty. The only question is: “What are you waiting for?”

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